My First YouTube Video!

Hi everyone! I’m very excited to say that I have started YouTube! After thinking about it for a long time I finally decided to take the plunge and have uploaded my first video.

The video is a review of Kylie Cosmetics – I have recently written about the lip kits on here, but the video includes lip swatches and has more detail on shipping and customs for those of you who are interested! Here it is:

Please bear with me as my editing and filming isn’t exactly how I would like it to be yet, I am still getting the hang of everything and hoping with some practice that I will improve over the next few videos!

If any of you have YouTube then please comment below with the link to your channel, it would be amazing to subscribe to each other! Here is the link to my channel:

Thanks so much for watching and I hope you enjoyed – I will hopefully be uploading another video very soon!


Kylie Lip Kits First Impressions + Swatches! Koko K & Dead of Knight!

Hi everyone! As I’m sure you will all know, Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kits have been taking the world by storm the last few months and after debating whether to purchase some of my own, I finally went for it!

Firstly, a little bit about shipping and  customs – feel free to skip this paragraph if you just want to hear about the products themselves! Being in the UK, I was aware of potential customs fees which is why I took a while to decide whether I wanted to buy the lip kits, as although they are fairly affordable on their own, it can end up being pretty expensive with customs and shipping added on top. However, I ended up being really lucky and not getting any customs charges on top of the $14.95 shipping fee I paid! I have heard some orders end up being charged by customs and some do not, so this is something to just be aware of when ordering if you are outside of the US.

Anyway, onto the exciting part – the actual lip kits! I went for two shades – Koko K and the brand new shade Dead of Knight. The lip kits are $29 each which is around £21 – I think this is a pretty good price for a lipstick and a lip liner. My confirmation email said to expect a delivery within 10-15 business days and mine arrived in 8 – it was a really nice surprise when they arrived early! They are packaged beautifully, as you can see below:


I love the packaging and the colours on the box allow you to easily see which lip kit is which. I was really impressed with the packaging of the actual products too – the lip liner reminds me of the style of Mac’s pro lip liners and the packaging of the liquid lipstick really stands out.


Now for swatches! I am about to start my own YouTube channel and have got all my equipment ready to start filming, so I will be filming a video with swatches and a demonstration on the lips, too – if you guys would like to see any videos in particular, then please let me know! Below you can see both the liner and lipstick from Koko K and Dead of Knight swatched:


Koko K is a beautiful pink shade – as I’m pretty fair, this is a really lovely mauve-pink shade on me and I can see it being a beautiful pale pink on those with darker skin tones. It’s so flattering and I can honestly see this shade working on everyone. Dead of Knight is amazing – a deep, pigmented black shade. The liner isn’t quite as dark as the liquid lipstick itself, but you can’t tell at all once the lipstick is on.

The liners glide on really easily, especially Koko K – they are very easy to apply and I love the formula. The liquid lipsticks are great too, a little drying as you would expect with mattes but they make the lips look really full and have amazing pigment. Dead of Knight is a little trickier to apply as darker shades need more precision, but overall the liquid lipsticks are easy to apply and look amazing.

I hope you enjoyed this review! Do you own any lip kits? Let me know which shades you recommend below!

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Review + Swatches!

Hi everyone! Today I’ll be reviewing the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit, which I received for Christmas. Quick side note before I begin – my Charlotte Tilbury and Mac giveaway ends soon, so click here to get your entry in! Now, onto the review! I was so excited to try out the Ambient Lighting Edit because I think it’s a great way of really getting into Hourglass as a brand. I do already own the Ambient Lighting Palette, which features three powders. One of these powders, Dim Light, is in the Edit too, but the other five I had never tried before. The packaging is lovely, really lightweight with a large mirror inside.


The Edit features six powders, including highlighters, blushes and a bronzer. I heard a lot of people complaining about how tiny the palette is and how the amount of product inside isn’t worth the money – to be honest, it is pretty small. However, it’s a great way of trying out lots of different powders by Hourglass, without having to spend a lot of money buying individual powders. Here in the UK, a full size single powder is £38, so £65 for six miniature versions is a great deal in my opinion. Also, I have owned the Ambient Lighting Palette with the three powders in for at least a year now and still have a lot of product left, so I don’t believe buying the full size powders are necessary if you want to try a few out at once.


The top row of powders (left to right) are Dim Light, a beige face powder which is perfect for setting foundation, Iridescent Strobe Light, a pale pink highlighter, and Diffused Light, a light yellow powder which I love using under the eyes to set concealer. I love all of these powders, however would recommend applying Iridescent Strobe Light with a wet brush if you like a slightly more intense highlight. It is very natural and pretty, but I do like that extra intensity when applied with a wet brush. My favourite of the three has to be Diffused Light – I have spent so long looking for a perfect under-eye setting powder and have finally found it! Here are the swatches of the top row:


The bottom row contains two blushes and a bronzer: Mood Exposure, a shimmery plum blush, Luminous Flush, a beautiful rose pink blush, and Luminous Bronze Light, a  warm bronzer. All three of these powders a pretty shimmery, but this isn’t very noticeable once they are on the face and you get a more luminous finish. I am not a huge fan of bronzer as I’m always afraid it will look muddy, so i don’t often purchase it. However, I have fallen in love with the bronzer in this palette. I use it to warm up the face and it is stunning! So natural and gives the face a really healthy glow. The two blushes are amazing too and I’ve been using  Luminous Flush almost every day!


I definitely feel this palette is worth buying if you want to try out lots of different powders from Hourglass. The price is pretty steep for a tiny palette, however for six different powders it would cost you a lot more to buy them individually as full sizes. My brushes fit perfectly into each shade so I don’t struggle applying product at all and I have found the perfect under-eye powder and bronzer! These powders are soft, blend easily and look stunning.

I hope you enjoyed reading! Let me know if you own any Hourglass powders – do they live up to the hype for you? They do for me!

TheBalm Nude’tude Palette Review + Swatches!

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all well and enjoying the beginning of 2016. How fast does the time go?! Today I’ll be reviewing TheBalm’s Nude’tude palette, which I received for Christmas. I’ve had my eye on this palette for such a long time and wasn’t sure whether to ask for this one or the Nude’Dude palette, but after seeing them both in store I slightly preferred the shades in the Nude’tude palette. Let’s get into the review and swatches!

To begin, the packaging is really fun! It is made of a sturdy cardboard and also comes with a sleeve that holds the palette closed for travelling. Once you remove the sleeve, the palette has a magnetic closure.


Opening the palette, there is a lovely large mirror which makes this palette really useful for travelling. There are 12 shades inside and I love the vintage-style packaging! The palette also comes with a double-ended brush, which is really useful – one end applies shadow all over the lid and the other, smaller end allows you to apply the shadow as liner.



Onto the swatches!! I have swatched these in groups of four, so you get a more clear view of each shade. All of the shadows have fun, creative names which I have labelled. 4 of the shades are matte and the other 8 are glitter or what I would call ‘velvet’ – they aren’t glittery exactly, but have a shimmer to them.


  • Sassy is a bright, shimmery white
  • Snobby is a shimmering pale gold
  • Stubborn is a velvety rose pink
  • Stand-offish is a shimmery pale pink


  • Selfish is a shimmery taupe shade
  • Sophisticated is a glittery, deep brown
  • Sultry is a matte taupe shade – perfect for the crease
  • Seductive is a shimmery bronze


  • Sexy is a stunning, matte wine red
  • Serious is a deep, matte black
  • Silly is a glittery brown shade – this one has less pigment than the others, but is still beautiful as a wash of glitter
  • Sleek is a matte, very deep brown/aubergine shade

I’m very impressed with these overall! My favourites have to be Stand-Offish, Sultry and Sexy. When I first opened the palette, I thought Sassy and Snobby (the two far-left shades)  were matte and I do think this palette could have one or two more matte shades, as I love using them in the crease! Also, the shade Silly (as I mentioned previously) has less pigment than the others and doesn’t show as well when swatched. However, I definitely think this could be brushed over other shadows to amp them up or even just for a light wash of colour. Other than this shade, the others have amazing pigmentation.

The shadows feel very soft, blend really nicely and I love the variety of colours – you can create various different looks with these, from girly and fresh to deep and vampy. I am very impressed by this palette overall and if you’re looking to increase your shadow collection, I think this would be a great way of doing so! I will definitely get a makeup tutorial completed with these and post this soon, for a real demonstration of how they look on the eyes.

I hope you enjoyed reading – let me know if there’s anything you’d like me to review next!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Shadow Couture World Traveller Palette Review + Swatches

Hello everyone! Some of you may know that last month I visited New York and it was the most incredible trip. Whilst I was there, of course I had to do some shopping! I made a couple of purchases from Anastasia Beverly Hills which I found in Macy’s, including the Shadow Couture World Traveler palette. I’ve been using this palette a lot since buying it and today will be showing you swatches of each shade and my review on the palette as a whole. Here is the packaging (I also bought the dip brow pomade as you can see from the pic, which i’ll be reviewing soon!)


So, I was debating whether to buy this palette for a really long time. Honestly, I felt like this might be a little outside of what i’m comfortable with – I love my neutrals and I was quite bewildered by this palette at first, as there are a lot of different shades and looks that can be created. However, I thought about it and decided to take the plunge. I mean, the point of makeup is to have fun and try new things, right?! As soon as I saw the palette in person, I knew I had to have it as the shades really are beautiful. Here they all are:


As you can see, there’s a huge mixture of shades. On the left are some neutrals, in the middle are some brighter colours and on the right are some shimmers and a deep black shade. The palette contains four mattes, four what I would call ‘satin’ shades (they aren’t overly glittery but definitely not matte) and four more glittery ones. The palette also comes with a really great double-ended brush, for blending and applying product. I have included a picture of the brush alone below, as I’m really pleased with it. It is fluffy and easy to use, unlike some brushes in palettes that aren’t great quality.


Now, for the exciting part: swatches! I have swatched these four at a time, so you can really see the swatches close up. I’ve also added the name of each next to it and will give a description of each individual shade, too. Here are the four on the left of the palette:


Soft Peach is a beautiful matte pale peach, which for me is a perfect transition shade for my crease, however I think may be too pale for some. The pigmentation of this shade is amazing, so could be great as an all-over lid shade, too. Spoiled is probably my least favourite shade in the palette and overall disappointing for me. It is a peach shimmery shade, which unfortunately barely shows up when I apply it. It may have something to do with my skin tone, but the pigmentation isn’t very strong on this one. It could look pretty as a wash of glitter, maybe over another shadow. Next up is Morocco, which might just be my favourite shade in the entire palette! It’s a stunning, warm matte brown, almost a rust colour. This looks beautiful in the crease and underneath the eye, too. It also pairs perfectly with the next shade, Fudge, which is a darker, slightly less red-toned brown, also matte. I’ve been using this over Morocco in the outer V and a little underneath the eye, to add some depth.


Now, for the middle four shades in the palette! Heirloom is a beautiful, rich deep purple, with tiny flecks of pink glitter. It isn’t as glittery as some of the shades in the palette and leans towards a satin formula, in my opinion – it’s kind of between the two. Next up is Azure, which is a gorgeous electric blue and what I would describe as a satin shadow. This shade is definitely out of my comfort zone, so I think I’ll be creating a look with it soon as I’m sure it would look lovely all over the lid – the pigmentation is incredible. Another satin shade is Bellini, which is a muted orange and very pretty. Finally for the middle shades in the palette is Intense Gaze, which is a beautiful rose shade and satin formula.


Onto the final four shades in the palette! First up is Pink Champagne, which is a lovely pale pink shimmery shade and another of my favourites. It looks incredible all over the lid, especially using a wet brush. Next is Metallic, a deep gold shade. I wasn’t sure about this in the pan, but it is very striking when swatched. Chic is a very shimmery silver and another shade perfect for the lid. Finally is the shade Noir – a deep, matte black. This is always a useful shade to have a looks great blended into the outer V of a smoky eye.

That’s the entire palette. I’ve been loving it so far, despite the fact that the shade Spoiled is a little disappointing to me, the rest are so beautiful. The variety of shades mean that you can combine different shades in the palette and create different looks, or use them with shadows that you already own – the possibilities are endless. The palette was quite inexpensive too, when compared to other brands. I would really recommend this palette as I feel there are multiple shades to suit everyone’s taste and preferred look.

I hope you enjoyed reading! If you would like to see a makeup look using this palette then please let me know, I would love to create one.

Topshop Beauty Haul & Review!

Hi everyone! I popped into Topshop recently and found myself at the beauty counter (what a surprise!) I couldn’t resist purchasing a few things that caught my eye and I thought I’d try them out a few times so I could review them.


The first thing I picked up was the lip and cheek smudge in ‘Always on Time’, which I thought looked really interesting. The shade is a lovely, subtle peach shade and has two sides, one which holds the product and the other which holds a brush.


I think the brush is supposed to be used to blend the product on the lips. I did try it for my cheeks, but it just wastes time when you could easily blend the product with your fingers or a sponge. I really love this on the cheeks – it leaves a gorgeous, soft peachy tint and blends amazingly. Unfortunately, I really don’t like it on the lips! The shade comes off far too pale for me and I don’t feel it blends as well – it becomes a little drying, too. However, I really feel it is still worth it as just a cheek product as it looks so pretty. I’ve been applying it just above where I would contour, drawing a fairly sharp line and then small lines above it, before blending it all in with my fingers. This allows the product to blend evenly and the sharper line at the bottom gives more definition to the apples of the cheeks. Here’s how I apply it and how it looks once it’s blended in:



I just love it! Next, I picked up the cream eyeshadow in the shade ‘Stripped’ and the powder shadow in the shade ‘Shangri-La’. Stripped is a lovely, creamy pink shade, which I’ve been wearing all over the lid and blended out with a couple of light brown shades –  it’s a simple look, but looks great for looking put-together in the daytime. I have worn it at night too, just adding some black liner for more drama. Here it is (you can see a swatch a little further down):


Shangri-La is a beautiful shimmery brown shade – it’s so much more pigmented than I thought it would be and just so beautiful! Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of the packaging as I forgot to take one and am now on holiday, so don’t have it to hand (argh!) However, you can find a picture on Topshop’s website. I do have swatches though, so here are ‘Stripped’ and ‘Shangri-La’ swatched side-by-side:


Finally, I purchased the Deep Down Detox Ultra-Cleansing Mud Mask. It contains orange and bergamot and I haven’t tried it just yet, but I do love a face mask so hopefully this is a good one!!

Thanks for reading! Let me know your faves from Topshop’s beauty range!

Glossybox UK February 2015 Review!

Hi guys! I have always been hesitant towards buying subscription beauty boxes as I have heard very mixed reviews on them, and I don’t really like the idea of having no clue what products i’ll be receiving! I noticed that Glossybox released a Valentine’s edition box and decided to give it a try, as I have been curious to give one a go for ages! The box cost £12.25 including delivery. It arrived today and my first thought was that the packaging is really pretty:



In the box were five products and a small packet of Love Hearts. The first product I picked up was the Wilkinson Sword HydroSilk razor, which is useful but not very exciting. I also didn’t really see the connection to Valentine’s with this product, although I know that I will definitely use it so it is not a bad product. The razor costs £9.99, so you almost get back your money’s worth with this product alone.


The next product was a tiny lip and cheek cream palette, by So Susan. I have never used this brand before or really heard of it, but I wasn’t impressed at all. This product costs £8 to buy and I think it is really not worth it. The whole product looks very cheap and it is tiny, which makes the product really difficult to get out. The brush it comes with is also useless. Despite this, the colours do look pretty swatched, particularly the bottom right shade in the palette (the top swatch on my hand). It reminds me of the on-trend “Kylie Jenner lip”, although it is slightly more orange toned, and would look great over a nude liner. I would probably be more keen to wear this if it wasn’t so small and awkward to get the product out – the packaging is frustrating and a complete let down for me.

IMG_2193 (1)


Moving onto a more positive note, the next product is a Royal Apothic Tinties Lip Butter in the shade coral. The packaging for this product is stunning and so cute. The product itself is lovely too, a very pretty and subtle tinted lip balm that is hydrating. Not the best lip balm I have ever used, but it looks lovely on and will definitely look beautiful on any dressing table. The balm costs $14, which is about £9.



Another product I really liked was the Marsk mineral eyeshadow in the colour Fifty Shades, a very dark, shimmery grey. It is very pigmented and dramatic – i’m sure it would look amazing blended out with Mac’s eyeshadow Print, a matte dark grey. The eyeshadow costs £14.49 to buy, so this is a pretty good product to have in the box.


IMG_2230 (1)

Lastly was a mascara by B. Cosmetics, which I did try on straight away. I didn’t dislike it, but I wasn’t amazed either. It didn’t separate too well, but is a nice deep black which is good. It was okay, but certainly won’t be replacing my current Benefit and Too Faced mascaras!

Overall, I really liked the mineral eyeshadow and lip balm, but the rest was very average. The razor is obviously useful, but I feel a little pointless for a beauty box as it’s not exciting or different to what i’m used to. I am currently on the fence as to whether I will try one more month, but right now I don’t think I will. It was nice to have the opportunity to try some different products out, but a lot of them felt quite cheap to me and just a little disappointing. The overall cost if I purchased the items alone would be around £50, so you do get a fair amount for your money, but I would only really buy half of the products myself, so i’m not saving a great deal.

Are you subscribed to Glossybox or any other subscription services? Let me know if there’s one you would recommend!