Kiehl’s Skincare First Impressions!

Hi everyone! Lately I’ve not been seeing the best results from my skincare routine, so I’ve decided to change things up a bit. I have never tried the brand Kiehl’s before but heard amazing things about their skincare products, so I decided to give them a go.

I visited my nearest Kiehl’s store and the lady that worked there was so helpful. I told her my skin concerns (dryness and breakouts) and after testing my skin, she recommended me a couple of products.


The first product was their Blue Astringent Herbal Lotion, which was £16.50. I was informed that this is perfect for breakouts and only to apply to affected areas. To apply, you use a cotton pad and press the astringent over the skin.

I am seriously in love with this product so far – I’ve only used it once, but overnight I have already seen an incredible difference to my skin. Any breakouts have become less red and noticeably improved. It hasn’t completely gotten rid of my breakouts from one use – I don’t believe any product is is able to do that – however, I can’t believe I have seen this much of a difference already! I will definitely keep using this and let you guys know how it goes, but so far I’m very impressed with the results.


The moisturiser I was recommended was their Ultra Facial Cream – I’ve seen this before online and believe Kim K’s makeup artist uses this on her. Kim’s skin always looks flawless and hydrated, so I was very happy to give this a go! It feels very light on the skin and also really hydrating. Again, I’ve only used this once so far and I’m impressed with the results. I believe moisturisers take a little more time to see if they really work, but so far I’m loving this!


I also received a couple of free samples that I was really excited about. I got a sample of the Purifying Foaming Cleanser and the Hydro-Plumping Re-Texturising Serum Concentrate. I haven’t tried the cleanser yet, but I tried the serum last night and my skin felt very plumped and hydrated for a long time afterwards. My skin felt amazing after using this and I’m now seriously considering another trip to Kiehl’s!


With the combination of these products, I woke up seeing a real improvement to my skin and can’t wait to start using these regularly. Do you own any Kiehl’s products? Let me know your thoughts and recommendations below!


Korean Beauty Haul!

Hi everyone! So, today.. I have another haul for you! I know, I’ve been going a little bit crazy in the shops lately. I blame Barcelona – I had such an amazing time there and couldn’t resist treating myself, as there’s so many brands they have that I can’t get in the UK! If any of you are considering going to Barcelona, I would really recommend it. It is such a beautiful and incredible city, with so much to see and do.

Anyway, onto the haul! Close to where I was staying, there was a little Korean beauty store called Miin cosmetics. Obviously, I couldn’t resist taking a look as any Korean products I’ve purchased before have been online, so I decided to take the chance to actually see the products first before buying them. The sales assistants were so helpful and explained how certain products worked if I was unsure. Here’s everything that I purchased!


The first product is the Tony Moly Panda’s Dream eye patch, which is a mask for the eyes and the instructions say to leave the mask on for 10-20 minutes. I love masks and can’t wait to try this one – the packaging is so cute, too!


Next I bought these hair sliders (not sure what the proper name for them is!), which you slide into the front of your hair before you apply makeup. The sliders keep your hair in place so that it doesn’t get in the way, then you can easily removed them without messing your hair up in the process. Such a great idea, as I normally use clips which can ruin the way your hair has been styled.


I also bought this Etude House hand cream, which is just so adorable. The tub is designed to be a little panda and I chose the peach scent, which is subtle but smells gorgeous. The cream itself is great too and leaves my hands feeling so soft!

image image

I couldn’t resist buying the Tony Moly pocket bunny perfume bar – the packaging is just so sweet! I chose the scent 02 ‘juicy bunny’, which has a lovely citrus scent. It smells amazing and is so easy to throw in your handbag for top-ups, too.

image image

Next up is another Tony Moly product – the cherry lip balm! Again, the packaging is so adorable and easy to use for travelling, too. The lip balm is very moisturising and gives a beautiful sheen to the lips, with just a hint of colour. This will definitely be going in my handbag!

image image

Finally, I purchased the Innisfree capsule recipe pack. The sales assistant explained to me that this is like a mask and to apply to the face, before washing off after about 15 minutes. This is the Aloe Vera mask, which I can’t wait to try!


That’s everything. Let me know if you own any of these products, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Boots/Drugstore Haul!

Hello! Today I’ve got another haul for you guys and this time it’s a Boots/drugstore haul! I bought a couple of old favourites and also a few new things to try, which is really exciting! I’m going to talk you through everything I purchased, so let’s get started!


First up is an old favourite, the Soap & Glory Flake Away body exfoliator. If you use fake tan or are just looking for a scrub that leaves your skin amazingly smooth , then you need this in your life! It’s by far the best exfoliator I’ve ever used and I’m always repurchasing.


I tend to find fake tan difficult to remove from my skin and I use this along with the Soap & Glory exfoliating mitt – the combination works so well. It’s quite a thick scrub, so the tub doesn’t last too long, but it’s so worth it.


Next up is a new product for me, although I’m a little late on the bandwagon (ok, very late). It’s the Garnier Micellar cleansing water and this huge bottle is currently on offer at Boots for £3!


I’ve already used it once and I’m loving it so far. It left my face feeling so smooth and clean, easily removing every trace of makeup. To use the Micellar water, I made a repurchase of the Boots cotton wool pads, which are double sided and amazing quality. You can also use them with nail varnish remover, too.


Next up is the new Kate Moss Rimmel Nude lipstick, in the shade 42. This is a beautiful peachy nude that has a slight sheen – it also has a slightly sweet scent, but that doesn’t bother me at all.



I’ve already worn this a couple of times and I love it. The shade, the formula, the staying power – it’s hard to fault, especially for the price! Here’s a quick swatch:


Finally, and possibly my favourite purchase, is the Seventeen Instant Glow shimmer brick in the shade gold shimmer. This caught my eye today and really reminded me of the Bobbi Brown shimmer bricks, which are pretty pricey and also amazing. This was only £4.99, so I had to give it a try. There are four different shimmery shades, which can be used separately as eyeshadows and highlighters, or altogether to give an overall glow.


As I’m a little bit tanned from my trip to Barcelona, I really wanted to give this a try to enhance my tan and I’m hoping it will give a beautiful glow to the skin. There’s also a pink shade, which I’ll definitely be picking up if I’m impressed with this. Here’s the shades altogether, swatched quite heavily:


I imagine that the pay-off won’t be anywhere near as intense on my face as my swatch, as picking the product up with a large, fluffy brush should distribute it better over the skin. I also swatched each shade alone to show you how they could look as eyeshadows or highlighters:


They look so beautiful! I particularly love the second lightest shade, which I believe will look amazing as a highlight.

That’s everything! I hope you enjoyed reading – let me know what I should pick up next!

Review: Starskin Foaming Peeling Perfection Puff!

Hi everybody! Today I will be reviewing a recent purchase of mine: the Starskin Foaming Peeling Perfection Puff. I bought this for £7 from Selfridges this week whilst in London, as I have seen them online before and have been intrigued for a while – I’ve never tried the brand and wanted to find out more. I have quite dry skin, so am always looking for effective exfoliators and decided to give this a go.

This is what Starskin claim the product will do:

1. Advanced exfoliation

2. Skin texture smoothing

3. Deep cleansing

4. Evens skin tone

5. Radiance boosting

I love radiant, glowing skin, so this sounded incredibly promising to me! Here’s what the packet looks like:


The instructions on the back of the packet tell you to open the sachet inside, sprinkle in some water, squeeze the sachet to create a lather and then gently scrub the face for 2-3 minutes, before rinsing. Once you open the packet, you find the sachet:


The instructions are incredibly easy to follow and the sachet creates an amazing lather really quickly. Here’s what the puff looked like before I used it, as you can see it foamed up well:


I scrubbed my face gently for about 2 minutes before rinsing it off. The puff is textured and you can definitely feel it exfoliating your skin really well. It doesn’t feel harsh, but after a couple of minutes I decided this was long enough as I didn’t want to irritate my skin.

Once rinsing the foam off, I was amazed – my skin looked so glowing! Even when I applied my makeup, I could visibly see a glow through my foundation. It was brilliant! I used the puff before going out for the evening and ended up applying less makeup than I normally do, as I loved how my skin looked – smooth, fresh and glowing. The glow didn’t last forever and lessened overnight, but my skin still feels great a few days later – the product definitely lives up to its’ claims of boosting radiance and smoothing the skin.

The packet instructs you to use the puff three times before disposing of it, so I plan to use this with cleansers that I already own and see the effects. Overall, I am incredibly impressed with this product and for only £7 it left my skin looking and feeling amazing!

Starskin have various other products and I’m now keen to try out more – let me know if there’s any you love!

Revamping my Skincare: The Body Shop

Hey everyone! I hope you’re all well. So, my skin has really been frustrating me recently – I have dry areas, I keep breaking out… I’ve tried a few different moisturisers that I already own but nothing seems to be working. So, today, I decided to have a complete overhaul of my skincare and try a few new things from The Body Shop. I even got one of their loyalty cards – normally they cost £5, but because I spent a certain amount of money I got mine for 50p. By purchasing the card, I got a free Elderflower Eye Gel which is worth £7 and every time you use the card you get 10% off, including when you buy it (I saved £5 on my purchases today!) It’s definitely worth it and I’m really pleased I finally got one. Now, onto what I purchased! I’ve tried everything once so far, so will give you my first impressions on each product. FullSizeRender-9 First up is the Honey & Oat 3-in-1 scrub mask, which costs £10. The mask claims to “cleanse, polish and moisturise in one” and contains oatmeal grains and Community Fair Trade honey. It smells amazing! The instructions say to use the mask once or twice a week, avoiding the lip and eye areas, and leave it in for 10-15 minutes. I decided to leave it on for the full 15 minutes to gain as much of the effects as I could. When I washed the mask off my skin felt great, so smooth and clean! My pores also looked a lot smaller.


Next is the Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisturiser for “dull, tired, grumpy skin”, which costs £16. This is brand new to The Body Shop and has a subtle citrus scent, which is lovely. Upon applying, it felt a little sticky and didn’t make my skin feel overly moisturised, but I did notice that it gave my skin a lovely glow and felt much better once it had sunk in. I’ll definitely stick with this one and see how it goes, as I’m a little unsure of this product right now.


The next product I tried out was my free gift for purchasing The Body Shop’s loyalty card – the Elderflower Eye Gel, worth £7. It is unperfumed and has a very subtle fresh scent, which I didn’t mind at all. I applied this under my eyes and it left the area feeling cooled and refreshed. The Body Shop website recommends leaving the gel in the fridge for an extra cooling effect, which I can’t wait to try!


The last two products are the Vitamin E Overnight Serum-in-oil (£13) and the facial massager (£6), which I decided to use together to ensure the oil really sinks into my skin. The serum has a dropper application, which is really great for knowing how much to use on the skin: just a few drops seems to be the perfect amount and a little goes a long way.FullSizeRender-10 I used the massager for a few minutes after applying the serum – the tool is supposed to aid circulation as well as ensure the product is really worked in. It really felt as though it made a difference and the serum seemed to be well worked in after a few minutes. It’s such an easy tool to use and comes with instructions on how to massage correctly to aid circulation. FullSizeRender-15 Overall, I’m really pleased so far with my purchases and they’ve all given me a pretty positive first impression! I’m going to continue to use them and i’ll definitely feature them in a favourites post if they make a positive difference to my skin. Which Body Shop products do you love? Let me know! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading!

April Favourites!

Hey everyone! I hope you’re all well. Now, I first have to apologise for the fact that I haven’t posted in over a week! First I had a weekend in Devon with no internet and since then I’ve had so much uni work to do! I’m determined to get back on track, so have just ordered a couple of items from the new Tom Ford summer 2015 beauty collection to review! I can’t wait for them to arrive!

Anyway, on with my April favourites!

First up is the Simple Illuminating Radiance Cream. The cream cost me £6 for 50ml and has beautiful tiny flecks of shimmer in that gives an all-over glow to the skin. I’ve really been struggling with my skincare lately and have been trying out a few new products; my Clinique moisture burst just isn’t working for my dry areas anymore and I tried Garnier’s Moisture Match for dry to very dry skin, but it made my face feel and look so greasy – I really didn’t like it! However, this Simple moisturiser has been perfect so far, it takes care of my dry areas as well as giving my skin a fresh glow.


My next favourite is the Pearl Drops whitening toothpaste, which I haven’t been using for long, but have already started to notice my teeth looking brighter! I got this toothpaste on offer for only £2 and have been really pleased with it so far. According to the box, I should see the optimum results in about three weeks, so I look forward to seeing the results!


I’ve also been loving the Lee Stafford Beach Babe Sea Salt Spray. I spray this onto my hair when it’s wet and scrunch it before blow-drying lightly. This product gives an amazing wave to my hair and really does look like I’ve been to the beach! You can also use it on dry hair for added volume and wave.


Finally, a brand favourite for me this month has to be Essie. You may remember that I made a few purchases from them recently, including nail care and polishes (detailed post here). Well, I’ve been loving all the products that I purchased! The nail care has really been helping my nails grow and strengthen, and the colours I chose are beautiful! The formula of the nail polishes is amazing too, they go on so smoothly and look amazing!


And that’s everything for my April favourites! Unfortunately, there wasn’t many this month because i’ve been so busy with uni work and haven’t had the time to try out new products, but this will change soon so bear with me!

Mini Korean Beauty Haul!

Hey everyone! I’ve been wanting to try out Korean beauty products for a while now, as i’ve heard amazing things. Obviously, living in the UK, it’s hard to get your hands on them and shipping can be really pricey. I recently found a website, Korean Kosmetics, that supplies Korean beauty products to the UK and Europe. I checked a few reviews and everyone said how quickly shipping was and how great the products were, so decided to give it a try!

I didn’t want to order very much as I have never used the site before and am always cautious when ordering online, so I chose to purchase two face masks and a concealer to start with, as I wanted a mix of makeup and skincare. The three products only came to £13.50 and an extra £3.20 for First Class postage, and I received the products in two days!


The face masks I ordered were the Missha Pure Source Mask Sheets, which were £2.50 each. They have loads of options on the site with different benefits, so I decided to try the Green Tea mask, which claims to be brightening, and the Pearl mask, which claims to brighten and vitalise. I tried the Green Tea mask today and I am so impressed! The mask was filled with lots of serum and I left it on for 20 minutes. Afterwards, I noticed my pores looked minimised and my skin looked brighter and healthier! There was even some serum left over in the packet, which I applied afterwards to my face and neck, and gently pressed it in. I now have high hopes for the Pearl mask and wish I had ordered more!


I also bought the Etude House Surprise Concealer Kit, in the “Dark Circle Brightening” shade. I have wanted to try a peach corrector for some time now as I have heard they are great for brightening the under eye area, and at only £8.50 I felt I had nothing to lose! The packaging is a really cute pale pink and the kit comes with a peach corrector (on the left, below) and a concealer (on the right).


I really like the concealer so far, particularly the peach side. I have been applying it in an upside-down triangle shape underneath my eyes and it definitely brightens up the area. The concealers are also light and don’t crease underneath my eyes, which I do tend to find with many concealers. So far I am yet to find an under eye setting powder that I love, so need to find something amazing to set it with! For £8.50 it is definitely worth the money and I will continue trying it out!

Overall, I’m really pleased with the products I purchased from Korean Kosmetics and would highly recommend the company! Let me know if there are any Korean beauty products that you would recommend, I’d love to try some others!