Luxury Soap From Covent Garden!

Hi everyone! If you live in or near London and the Covent Garden area, you may know of the Apple Market in Covent Garden – I have never visited myself but have heard they sell a lovely range of antiques, art, homeware and more. My mom visited there today and picked me up a box of soaps from one of their stalls, M Strand – thank you mom! I believe this is their website if anyone is interested, they sell a large variety of luxurious soaps and they are just beautiful!

I took some photographs to share in case any of you live near to Covent Garden and wanted to check them out yourselves. The box was prettily packaged with paper, ribbon and a tiny flower. I believe you can buy individual soaps too, but the box makes the perfect gift – the presentation is so lovely.


The soaps inside are beautiful, too – they are decorated with tiny flowers and fruit slices and smell amazing. In the box were four different soaps. I have pictured them all together and also individually below:




Aren’t they just beautiful? The packaging says to slice layers from the base, so you get quite a few uses out of each soap. They all smell lovely; the peppermint and orange are refreshing and the floral scented soaps are so luxurious. Although I haven’t used any of them yet, they are made with essential oils and the quality seems excellent. My favourite is definitely the ‘Rosegeranium’ soap because of all the tiny flowers – but I love citrus scents too, so the Orange soap is a close second. They are all wonderful!

If any of you guys are in London, I have heard amazing things about the Apple Market and these soaps show what lovely items you can buy! I will definitely taking a trip there myself  on my next visit.


Giveaway! Charlotte Tilbury + Mac!

Hi everyone!! I’ve been so busy lately but have finally gotten around to hosting my giveaway to celebrate 500 followers – I’m so excited!! Thank you so, so much to everyone who has followed this blog, I can’t believe that Beauty by Gigi has hit this amazing milestone! To celebrate, I decided I had to host a giveaway – I did this to celebrate my 250 followers too and it was so fun, so I thought why not do it again! The giveaway is open internationally, too!

Now for what you could win! One winner will receive the limited edition Charlotte Tilbury Nocturnal Cat Eyes to Hypnotise set in ‘The Huntress’, which includes a stunning single eyeshadow and a mini Rock’n’Kohl liner in the shade Amber Moon – I reviewed this recently on my blog which you can read here. The post includes swatches and a demo of the products – obviously you will be getting a brand new set of your own, though! The shadow is so shimmery and beautiful, and the Rock’n’Kohl liners are the best I’ve ever tried, so hopefully the winner will love this set!!




I’m also including one Mac lipstick of your choice, too, so once I have emailed the winner they will be able to choose their lipstick, which I will purchase for them and send with the Charlotte Tilbury set.


I really hope these are exciting prizes for you guys – I know I’d love to receive this myself so hopefully you will, too!

Here’s how to enter:

  1. Follow Beauty by Gigi
  2. Reblog this post – you can also share this elsewhere if you do not wish to Reblog.
  3. Optional – for one extra entry, follow my Instagram – @gigihanick
  4. Comment letting me know that you’ve entered! If you completed the optional entry too, then include your Instagram in the comment!

The giveaway will run for two months, so ends 23rd January at 1pm and I will be choosing the winner through a random online selection tool. That’s everything!! Good luck to everyone and thanks so much again for following. If you have any questions then please let me know in the comments!

Easy & Refreshing Banana Milkshake!

Hello everyone! I’ve recently been trying out a few different smoothies and milkshakes with my Nutribullet – I’ve pretty much been throwing different ingredients in and seeing how they turn out!

If you live in the UK then you’ll know we’re expecting a heatwave right now and the milkshake I created yesterday was so refreshing, so I thought I would share it! Below I’ll show you how to make one milkshake, so simply multiply the ingredients by however many you wish to make – I made some for my family and they’ve been loving them, too. It’s maybe not the healthiest as it does contain ice cream, but as it’s not much they’re a great summer treat to have every now and again! If you wanted to make it even healthier, you could definitely remove the ice cream – it won’t as creamy, but will still taste good! Here’s what you’ll need for one milkshake:

1. A blender (I use the Nutribullet which is great)

2. 100ml milk (I use semi-skimmed, but any milk will work so go for whatever you fee like!)

3. One banana, peeled and chopped or broken up into pieces

4. A small scoop of ice cream (I just used a large spoon for this). I went for Carte D’or vanilla, but again you can tailor this to your preferences!

5. Two ice cubes


Once you have gathered all of your ingredients, the milkshake is super easy to make: simply blend everything together! There isn’t a particular order, I just threw everything in and blended away! I made two this time and the Nutribullet was quite full.

They taste lovely and the ice cubes make them cool and refreshing, too! Here’s what they look like once they’re finished:


I hope you enjoyed reading! Let me know your favourite smoothie recipe!