What I got for Christmas 2015! (Beauty)

Hi everyone! Today I’ll be sharing with you what I got for Christmas this year focusing mostly on the beauty products I received, to tie in with the theme of my blog! I love seeing what other people got for Christmas as I think it’s a great way of getting ideas for upcoming birthdays or gifts for others – it could even be inspiration for what to next treat yourself with! I did ask for a few of these and received some as a surprise, and I am so grateful for all of them. I’ll talk you through them as we go, so let’s get started!


First up I got a lovely Clinique set. I did ask for my favourite moisturiser, the Clinique moisture surge, but wasn’t expecting to get this set at all! The set contains the moisturiser, an overnight mask, an eye cream and a chubby stick lip balm in the shade ‘baby tint’. I have tried the overnight mask before, which I love, and I have been so impressed with the eye cream so far! The lip balm is so pretty too and gives a wash of pink to the lips. This is such a great set and the products go beautifully together, so I will be sure to get a lot of use out of these!


I also got a mini version of the Too Faced ‘better than sex’ mascara. I’ve tried this a couple of times so far and love the effect it gives. It makes the lashes very fluttery and curled, almost as though I’m wearing false lashes! It looks great on the bottom lashes too, to really open up the eyes.


Next, I received an amazing limited edition Beauty Blender set. Some of you may already know that I love my Beauty Blender and have gotten through a couple; they work for so many different products and blend everything beautifully. The set contains one standard Beauty Blender, one micro Beauty Blender (perfect for the under-eye area), one pro Beauty Blender and one ‘rea.activate’ solution for dampening your Beauty Blenders on the go. I have never tried the pro Beauty Blender before but the packaging states it is best used for long-wearing makeup or facial tanners, so I can’t wait to give it a go! This is an amazing little set, perfect for a beginner or someone who already uses and loves Beauty Blenders.


I also received ‘Glow’ by Samantha Faiers, which is a gradual tanning moisturiser. I haven’t tried this yet or even heard about it, but I love to tan and Sam looks beautiful on the box, so I can’t wait to give it a go!


I’m sure all you beauty lovers will have heard of the Ambient Lighting Edit and I was so excited to try this out! I already own the Ambient Lighting Palette which contains three powders, one of which is in this palette too (‘dim light’, the top left powder). I love the powders I already own and really wanted to try the pale yellow powder in the Edit, as well as the blushes and bronzer as I have never tried those. So far, I have already used some of these and am so impressed, the quality of the powders is amazing and so soft. I will definitely be writing a full review of these so keep an eye our for that soon!


I also received a beautiful YSL lipstick in the shade ‘Beige Tribute’, which is shade 10. The YSL lipsticks are one of my favourite lipstick formulas and I know I will get so much use out of this!


Another palette I received was the ‘Nude’tude’ palette by theBalm. I was torn between this one and the ‘Nude’dude’ palette, but once I had seen them both in store I preferred the shades in this one. Again, I will be doing a full review of these soon and have only tried a couple so far,  but I have really liked the ones I have tried – the shades are so stunning!


Finally, I received the perfume ‘My Burberry’ by Burberry, in the limited edition Christmas bottle, which is just beautiful! The bottle is filled with gold glitter, like a snow globe. The scent of this is amazing too; it’s feminine, but not a young scent at all – it’s stunning!

That’s everything, thanks so much for reading! I am so grateful for all of my presents and hope that everyone had a lovely Christmas, or if you don’t celebrate it then I hope you had a lovely day! Let me know what you got for Christmas!


17 thoughts on “What I got for Christmas 2015! (Beauty)

    • I’ve been loving the palette, used it nearly every day so far! And the clinique set is great, the eye cream is amazing 🙂 I’ve never really used an eye cream so it feels great to try one out!

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