Anastasia Beverly Hills Shadow Couture World Traveller Palette Review + Swatches

Hello everyone! Some of you may know that last month I visited New York and it was the most incredible trip. Whilst I was there, of course I had to do some shopping! I made a couple of purchases from Anastasia Beverly Hills which I found in Macy’s, including the Shadow Couture World Traveler palette. I’ve been using this palette a lot since buying it and today will be showing you swatches of each shade and my review on the palette as a whole. Here is the packaging (I also bought the dip brow pomade as you can see from the pic, which i’ll be reviewing soon!)


So, I was debating whether to buy this palette for a really long time. Honestly, I felt like this might be a little outside of what i’m comfortable with – I love my neutrals and I was quite bewildered by this palette at first, as there are a lot of different shades and looks that can be created. However, I thought about it and decided to take the plunge. I mean, the point of makeup is to have fun and try new things, right?! As soon as I saw the palette in person, I knew I had to have it as the shades really are beautiful. Here they all are:


As you can see, there’s a huge mixture of shades. On the left are some neutrals, in the middle are some brighter colours and on the right are some shimmers and a deep black shade. The palette contains four mattes, four what I would call ‘satin’ shades (they aren’t overly glittery but definitely not matte) and four more glittery ones. The palette also comes with a really great double-ended brush, for blending and applying product. I have included a picture of the brush alone below, as I’m really pleased with it. It is fluffy and easy to use, unlike some brushes in palettes that aren’t great quality.


Now, for the exciting part: swatches! I have swatched these four at a time, so you can really see the swatches close up. I’ve also added the name of each next to it and will give a description of each individual shade, too. Here are the four on the left of the palette:


Soft Peach is a beautiful matte pale peach, which for me is a perfect transition shade for my crease, however I think may be too pale for some. The pigmentation of this shade is amazing, so could be great as an all-over lid shade, too. Spoiled is probably my least favourite shade in the palette and overall disappointing for me. It is a peach shimmery shade, which unfortunately barely shows up when I apply it. It may have something to do with my skin tone, but the pigmentation isn’t very strong on this one. It could look pretty as a wash of glitter, maybe over another shadow. Next up is Morocco, which might just be my favourite shade in the entire palette! It’s a stunning, warm matte brown, almost a rust colour. This looks beautiful in the crease and underneath the eye, too. It also pairs perfectly with the next shade, Fudge, which is a darker, slightly less red-toned brown, also matte. I’ve been using this over Morocco in the outer V and a little underneath the eye, to add some depth.


Now, for the middle four shades in the palette! Heirloom is a beautiful, rich deep purple, with tiny flecks of pink glitter. It isn’t as glittery as some of the shades in the palette and leans towards a satin formula, in my opinion – it’s kind of between the two. Next up is Azure, which is a gorgeous electric blue and what I would describe as a satin shadow. This shade is definitely out of my comfort zone, so I think I’ll be creating a look with it soon as I’m sure it would look lovely all over the lid – the pigmentation is incredible. Another satin shade is Bellini, which is a muted orange and very pretty. Finally for the middle shades in the palette is Intense Gaze, which is a beautiful rose shade and satin formula.


Onto the final four shades in the palette! First up is Pink Champagne, which is a lovely pale pink shimmery shade and another of my favourites. It looks incredible all over the lid, especially using a wet brush. Next is Metallic, a deep gold shade. I wasn’t sure about this in the pan, but it is very striking when swatched. Chic is a very shimmery silver and another shade perfect for the lid. Finally is the shade Noir – a deep, matte black. This is always a useful shade to have a looks great blended into the outer V of a smoky eye.

That’s the entire palette. I’ve been loving it so far, despite the fact that the shade Spoiled is a little disappointing to me, the rest are so beautiful. The variety of shades mean that you can combine different shades in the palette and create different looks, or use them with shadows that you already own – the possibilities are endless. The palette was quite inexpensive too, when compared to other brands. I would really recommend this palette as I feel there are multiple shades to suit everyone’s taste and preferred look.

I hope you enjoyed reading! If you would like to see a makeup look using this palette then please let me know, I would love to create one.


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