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Hello everyone! So, I have been gathering a list together of awards or tags that i’ve been nominated for recently and will be working through them over the next few weeks. The first one on my list is a ’50 things that make me happy’ tag. I was tagged by the wonderful Karen from Confetti & Curves – please check out her blog if you haven’t already, it’s incredible!

Now, 50 things seems like such a lot, so I’d better get started! Some of these things will be huge aspects of my life, whereas some will be completely random, small things that put a smile on my face.

1) My family. Of course, family had to come first in this list!

2) My friends. I have some unforgettable memories with mine.

3) Makeup! Anyone who reads my blog will know I have a complete obsession with makeup and i’m not afraid to admit it!

4) Visiting new places. This year I visited Barcelona and New York for the first time, and completely fell in love with both cities. I hope to be able to travel some more next year.

5) Brunch. My ideal brunch would be Eggs Benedict or something with smoked salmon (mmmm).

6) Fresh air. Nothing beats going out for some fresh air if you need to clear your head – it’s one of my favourite ways to relax. I love being surrounded by nature, even if i’m just walking to the shops or walking my dog.

7) Changing seasons. I don’t really have a particular favourite as they’re all beautiful to me in different ways. Right now, its autumn, which means hotter drinks, changing fashions and halloween!

8) Music. I’m a fan of all kinds of genres. Right now i’m listening to some R’n’B, which is probably my favourite.

9) Exercise. I do have a love-hate relationship with exercise, but right now i’m loving it and always feel better afterwards.

10) Getting a takeaway! I know, slight contrast to my previous point – but it’s all about balance, right? Sometimes I just love getting a takeaway and relaxing in front of the television in the evening.

11) Reading. I’ve loved reading since I was a child. My favourite genre is fantasy/fiction and i’m currently reading The Girl With All the Gifts – it’s a zombie novel mostly told from the viewpoint of a child and it’s incredible.

12) Fashion. I love clothes and putting outfits together, it’s so exciting. Now it’s getting a little cooler, I can’t wait to get some new jumpers and skirts to wear with boots. *squeal*

13) Blogging. My list wouldn’t be complete without blogging! It has been so beneficial and i’m really glad I started. I especially love the blogging community, who make me so happy.

14) Animals. I’m such an animal lover and think they’re so cute. My favourite animal has to be giraffes – I visited a safari park recently and the giraffes were so friendly and beautiful.

15) Making new friends. I love getting to know new people.

16) Furnishing/decorating a room. This is always so fun and rewarding once it’s finished.

17) Scented candles. They can really set the mood of a room and they look so cosy whilst burning.

18) Blankets. When it’s cold out, it’s so nice to get snuggled up with a blanket and relax.

19) Dancing. I just love to dance. I’m not very good but I enjoy it anyway!

20) Singing. Another thing i’m not so good at, but it’s always so fun. I can sing pretty much every song from the musical Annie!

21) My skincare routine. It’s so nice to take my makeup off at the end of the day and apply my skincare, my face feels so refreshed and clean afterwards.

22) Chick flicks. Probably my favourite genre of film, because they’re lighthearted and fun to watch. I recently watched Clueless again (As if!)

23) Bonfires. Another exciting thing about autumn! Toasting marshmallows on a bonfire with friends is so much fun.

24) Being a student! I love student life. Living in a flat, meeting loads of new people… I can’t believe I graduate in less than a year.

25) Hot showers. So relaxing!

26) Laughter.

27) A tidy room. I can be quite a messy person so since moving into my new flat, I’m trying to keep it as a clean as possible. So far, it’s working!

28) Clean makeup brushes.

29) Childhood memories. I love looking back at old photographs and reminiscing old times with my family, it’s always so funny.

30) Shopping. No explanation needed!

31) Good deeds. It’s so lovely to do a random good deed for someone, or have a good deed done for you.

32) Plane food. I’m probably the only person in the world that seriously loves plane food.

33) Day trips. I love visiting places for the day, London being my favourite (although I end up not wanting to leave!)

34) Perfume. My current favourite is Prada Candy.

35) Picnics.

36) Youtube. It’s the best place for makeup tutorials and i’m considering starting my own beauty channel.

37) Christmas. Such a beautiful and exciting time of the year.

38) Halloween. Although i’ve already mentioned autumn, halloween deserves it’s own special mention! Dressing up, going to parties and having a great time!

39) De-cluttering.

40) The beach. Such a fun place, even when it’s cold.

41) Getting a delivery. Who doesn’t love this?!

42) Makeup storage. Yes – organised makeup makes me happy.

43) Writing lists. This is kind of necessary for me, otherwise i forget everything.

44) Topshop. My all-time favourite shop!

45) Stand-up comedy. Michael McIntyre has me in tears.

46) Seeing old friends. Nothing changes, even if it’s been months/years.

47) Reaching milestones on my blog. It’s incredibly rewarding.

48) A good night’s sleep.

49) Overcoming a fear.

50) Finishing a blog post!

That’s everything! Thank you so much for reading if you made it to the end, it’s a long list! I’d like to nominate these bloggers to give it a go:

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8 thoughts on “Tag: 50 things that make me happy!

  1. What a fab intro thank you soooooo much for such kind words and I’m really chuffed that you got to do this huni!! Brilliant list – I could literally just copy/paste all of it and add it onto mine lol Hope you’re keeping well and having a lovely week ❤ Karen xo xo

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