KIKO Purchases & Brand First Impressions!

Hello everyone! I recently visited a Kiko store, which is a brand I have never tried before. However, I have heard a lot of positive reviews on their products, so decided to give them a go for myself! I purchased three different items so I could get a feel for some different products they have created. After deliberating for a while, I finally chose the Velvet Mat lipstick in the shade 601, the Cream Crush Lasting Colour eyeshadow in the shade 04 and the Kajal Khol pencil, in the shade 101. Here they are:


First of all, let’s talk about the Velvet Mat lipstick. I chose the shade 101, which is a slightly rosy nude. The packaging is very distinctive and not like a lipstick packaging I’ve ever seen before – it is quite iridescent and has the words Kiko printed across the tube. The packaging is really cute and different and the lipstick only cost £6.90, so for the price the packaging is perfect in my opinion.


Now onto the lipstick itself. The formula really is lovely – it is matte, but not at all drying. In fact, it leaves my lips feeling moisturised. The staying power of this lipstick is great too and i’ve found it doesn’t budge easily.


I really love the shade; on me it isn’t too dissimilar from my own lip colour but definitely makes them stand out more and really brings a look together. I’m so pleased with this lipstick, as the formula is lovely and the shade is quite different to what I already own. Here is the lipstick swatched:


Next I’ll show you the Cream Crush eyeshadow, which I got in the shade 04. This shade is a beautiful, cool-toned purple, with a hint of grey. The formula itself is so creamy and, at £6.90 again, an absolute steal.


These remind me very slightly of Mac’s paint pots, but much creamier. I will be using this all over the lid and blended out with a slightly deeper shade and it would also look amazing on the lower lash line, applied with a small brush. Here is 04 swatched:


It’s just stunning! Finally, I purchased their Kajal khol pencil in the shade 101, which is a bright white. I’ve been using this on my lower waterline and I love it. It gives a very 60’s-style look to your makeup and also brightens the eye area really well.


Again, I’m impressed with the formula – it goes on very smoothly, even on the waterline which can be sensitive. It doesn’t smudge either, however as it is white I wasn’t too surprised at this; a real test would be to try one of their darkest eyeliners for staying power. This only cost £4.20 – so cheap! I honestly cannot believe the prices of these products, especially when the quality is so amazing. Here’s the pencil swatched:


It’s lovely! That’s everything that I purchased and i’ll definitely be paying Kiko another visit. The products are exceptional quality, especially for their price. Their range of products is great too; I saw a contouring set that I really liked the look of but it was sold out in my shade, so hopefully that will be back in stock soon.

Let me know your favourite Kiko products below, I’d love to check them out. Thanks for reading!


17 thoughts on “KIKO Purchases & Brand First Impressions!

    • I’m going to try it out all day tomorrow so I’ll have to let you know how it lasts! I’m so impressed with the formula though, definitely take a look as the quality so far is pretty amazing! 🙂

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