Dior Addict Fluid Shadow – Swatches and first impressions

Hello guys! Today I went shopping for a few clothes and things before my holiday – I’m going to New York soon, which I’m so excited for! This wasn’t really supposed to be a trip to buy makeup, but of course I had to take a look (I just can’t resist!)

The Dior counter caught my attention and I noticed their new autumn collection, so had a quick look. I looked at their fluid shadows in particular and am absolutely amazed by the quality of these! I swatched two, the shades Univers and Cosmic. Here they are:


Honestly, my phone camera does not give these shadows justice and this was on the way home once they had been swatched about an hour previously, so you aren’t really getting the full affect – they really are amazing.

Univers is a stunning taupe shade and was the first one to catch my eye. It is so shimmery and beautiful, perfect for day and nighttime. Cosmic is a bright, vibrant purple, which is equally as stunning but a lot more out-there and different compared to Univers.

These shadows can be used as liner too and the tube has a small brush to apply the product. The formula is beautiful too, they just glide on and once they’ve set they don’t budge. I didn’t have time to purchase any today, but will definitely be getting a couple when I’m in New York! They cost £25 here in the UK and around $32 in America.

Even though the swatches aren’t the best and I don’t have a full review, I would definitely recommend these from my first impression of them today. As soon as I own a couple of these I’ll get a full review posted with better swatches – there’s a few other shades including a silver, gold and pink which I didn’t swatch, but they all look incredible too.

Let me know if you own these and which shade is your favourite!


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