Mini Sephora Haul!

Hello everyone! First of all I want to apologise for being a bit absent recently – I’m on holiday in Barcelona! Since being here, I’ve been absolutely loving it. It’s so beautiful, I love the heat and the shops are great too! I obviously had to make a stop in Sephora on my first day, so I thought I’d share with you the few things that I got.

Many of you will already know that we don’t have Sephora in the UK (seriously, why?), so I wanted toย make sure I purchased some items I can’t get at home. The Sephora I visited was fairly small, but I still managed to find some things of course! Once I’m in a makeup store, I’m like James Bond on a mission – determined to get the good stuff.


First up, I decided to go for a couple of Sephora’s own-brand products, as I can’t get these at home and I’ve heard great reviews on their face masks and brushes. I went for the Rose mask, which isย describedย as “ultra moisturising and brightening”, as well as their green tea eye mask, which claims to be “anti-crumple and refreshing”. I’m not too sure what anti-crumple is supposed to mean, but for the eye area it sounds good to me! I haven’t tried these yet, but I can’t wait to give them a go.

I also picked up Sephora’s pro-blending brush, which looked really soft and fluffy on display. I love the fact that the brushes come with a travel-friendly case to cover the bristles, it’s so useful especially as I’m on holiday!

image image

Finally, I went for a Marc Jacobs product – these are very difficult to find at home, so I decided to get something while I can! I chose the ‘twinkle pop eye stick’ in the shade 402, Volver. The box describes the product perfectly: “Instant dazzle. Cool colour. Portable luxury.” Volver is a beautiful, subtle and shimmering gold shade.


It’s perfect for summer holidays, when it’s hot out but you still want to wear makeup – it’s light, easy to use and doesn’t budge once it’s on. This shade in particular is even great for the beach if you’re someone who still likes to wear a little makeup, as it isn’t too noticeable – just gives the eyes a subtle, pretty wash of gold.

image image

That’s everything! My next post is an exciting Korean cosmetics haul, which will be up in a couple of days – so many cute products! I hope you enjoyed reading!


11 thoughts on “Mini Sephora Haul!

  1. Love the Sephora masks! I was in Italy recently (no Sephora in Ireland) and I bought the exact same as you but I bought the Rose Eye Mask and the Green Tea Facial Mask. Oh, the Green Tea one is so nice!

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