First Impression: Soap & Glory Brow Archery in ‘Love is Blonde’

Hi guys! Very recently I made a purchase of a product that I have been considering for a while, which is the Soap & Glory Brow Archery in ‘Love is Blonde’. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve seen a negative review on this product! I normally use Mac’s brow pencil, which has become a favourite of mine, but I really wanted to try something a little more different and create a slightly more defined brow. The Brow Archery is double-ended and consists of a felt-tip style pen and a pencil. Here’s what the box and product look like: FullSizeRender-24 FullSizeRender-25

There are only two shades you can purchase Brow Archery in, one for blondes and one for brunettes. The Boots I was in didn’t have any of the brunette shade in stock, so this does seem to be a popular product! It is a bit of a shame that they only created two shades and although I’m sure they will work for many, they definitely won’t be suitable shades for everyone! Here’s what the pencil and pen look like in ‘Love is Blonde’ – the pencil is on the left and pen on the right: IMG_4187IMG_4213

Below you can see both ends of the product swatched – the pen is on the left (swatched a few times so you can see, it can be applied incredibly lightly) and the pencil is on the right. I’m really impressed with the shade, which is a great match for my own eyebrows: IMG_4192

I have only tried Brow Archery once so far and I was impressed! I definitely think it takes some getting used to and takes a little longer than just using a pencil, but I definitely liked the way they gave my brows more of a defined look than normal. Below you can see both the pen and pencil on my left eyebrow (your right on the picture!) Excuse my lack of makeup, I’m sure that once I have my foundation, etc on my brows won’t stand out so much! I will make sure to include them in a makeup tutorial soon, so you can really see how they look with makeup on. I feel as though my application could’ve been slightly better, but hopefully I will get used to using the pen soon! Here’s my first try, you can really see the difference between the two brows: IMG_4195

So far I’m very happy with Brow Archery and will definitely keep practising! Let me know if you own this product and what you think, I hope you enjoyed reading!


12 thoughts on “First Impression: Soap & Glory Brow Archery in ‘Love is Blonde’

  1. Great post – your natural brows are beautiful but this really does accentuate them. Love it – glad you’re enjoying! Might need to invest in one for my colouring too 🙂 X

  2. I love brow archery and I use the same shade – it’s perfect every time. I have had mine several months now and the pencil end is still going strong but the felt tip end is near empty/drying out so I will need to get another. It is a great brow product 😊 xx

  3. Hey I nominated you for liebster award! i haven’t posted it yet but it will come out tomorrow. Hope you check it out when it’s published and that you decide to make a post in reply!

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