New Additions to my Mac Palette!

Hi everybody! I recently decided to make a couple of additions to my Mac palette and purchased two new eyeshadows. I went for Amber Lights and Wedge, which i’m hoping will look great together! Here they are below (Amber Lights on the left, Wedge on the right):


Wedge is an matte, light brown, amazing for a transition shade and a perfect crease colour, too. Amber Lights is pretty much the opposite; a bright, shimmery golden shade, which looks amazing swept over the lid. I plan to use it with a flat eyeshadow brush sprayed with Mac’s Fix + spray, to really bring out the colour. I’m hoping Wedge will blend out Amber Lights for a slightly smoky effect and will blend it out with a large, fluffy brush, such as a Mac 217. Here they are in my palette:


Wedge is the third shade on the top row and Amber Lights is the second shade on the middle row – I am unsure of how I will be arranging my palette until it is full, so right now I have a row for matte shades and a row for shimmery ones! HereΒ are the two new shades swatched lightly on my hand (Amber Lights on the left, Wedge on the right):


This picture doesn’t really bring out the beauty of Amber Lights and I plan on using it in a makeup tutorial soon, so hopefully you will be able to see how pretty it is once it is on! It is definitely my favourite shade out of the two as it is by far the most exciting, but Wedge is definitely a useful shade to own for my palette.

I hope you enjoyed reading! Do you own Amber Lights? Let me know how you wear it!


14 thoughts on “New Additions to my Mac Palette!

  1. Wedge looks like a lovely transition colour! Is it as cool as it looks in the photo? I’m super pale so I might get this πŸ™‚

    • It is a fairly cool shade, the first photo makes it look a bit cooler than it is – it is probably closer to the second photo of it in the actual palette πŸ™‚ xx

  2. Wedge is my most used MAC eye shadow shade! πŸ™‚
    I don’t have Amber Lights but I have a shade similar to it and I wear it on the inner 1/3 of my lid and blend it with a chocolate brown. I find shades like Amber Lights to be too orange / warm on me if I wear it all over my lid.
    If you’re looking for ideas to fill your MAC palette, you can check out my top 10 MAC eye shadows post:

    • It’s such a useful shade to have in the palette, it seems to blend out so many colours really well! I will definitely check out your post, I could do with some inspiration for my next shadows! πŸ˜€ xx

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