Repurchasing Old Favourites!

Hello everyone! Today’s post is all about some old favourites of mine and the girls in my family, that we decided to repurchase. I forgot just how much I loved these and can’t wait to get using them again, they are all amazing products. Here’s a quick overview of what we purchased:


First up is my personal favourite – the 100ml St Tropez Self-Tan Dry Oil. I’ve used this before and have to say I much prefer it to St. Tropez’s standard mousse, but I did notice that it runs out quite quickly. However, normally the mousse and oil are both £25, but at Superdrug the oil is currently on offer for £16.59! This is an incredible saving, so if anyone is considering trying the oil then definitely get it whilst you can! I have also heard that applying the oil with bare hands wastes less product than using a mitt – just remember to wash them thoroughly with soap and water afterwards!


Next is The Body Shop’s Peppermint Intensive Foot Rescue, which is £9. This is so easy to use, all you do is massage it into your feet at night and in the morning they feel completely refreshed! The cream has an incredible minty smell and works wonders for tired, dry feet. I love it!


Finally is the Soap & Glory Scrub Gloves. Because I use fake tan, I like to exfoliate beforehand and these are amazing. They are described by Soap & Glory as “super exfoliating” and they certainly are! They last for ages too and can be washed in-between uses.


That’s everything! I would highly recommend any of these products as they are all excellent quality and personal favourites of mine. Let me know if you have any holy grail favourites!


10 thoughts on “Repurchasing Old Favourites!

    • Yes, I’ve heard that using a mitt can sink a lot of the product in which is why I think the last bottle I bought ran out so quickly – what I do is tip a few drops into my hand and then rub it in, obviously you have to wash your hands a few times whilst you’re doing it! It sinks in really easily 🙂 x

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