Great Lengths Hair Extensions: First Impression!

Hi everyone! The other day I had hair extensions with keratin bonds, the brand Great Lengths. I went for the 16 inch extensions and have decided to give you guys a quick overview and my initial thoughts. Here’s what they look like:


My own hair is just below shoulder length, so this is quite a big difference! I used to have very long hair, almost as long as my extensions, which I had to get cut a while ago because of how damaged my hair was.

Now, first thing I will say is that these extensions are expensive, but they seem to be the best extensions around. They are bonded to the hair with an electric current – no heat, so no damage to your real hair. The bonds also contain a synthetic keratin and minerals which nourish the hair, so they’re really benefical.

The process is extremely long and the whole thing took around 4 hours, but my hairdresser was lovely and we chatted the whole time! It is really important to get a hairdresser you trust for this process as it is expensive, so needs to be done right – I really trusted the girl who did mine as she was very professional and really knew what she was doing, so I felt very reassured. The hairdresser will explain how to care for the extensions and what to expect, so make sure to be listening! Most last for 4-6 months, depending on how well you look after them.

The colour match for the extensions was amazing and they blend in so well – we ended up layering the extensions slightly to blend in even more with my natural hair and then curled them. Since having them done, I’ve been so happy with them! They don’t feel heavy (even though I’m not used to wearing extensions) and they look amazing, so real and pretty! The only negative so far for me is that they are a little painful to lie on at night, but my hairdresser told me that they can be uncomfortable to begin with, but loosen up with time. I have to go back to get them checked in a week or so, hopefully by then they won’t be so uncomfortable at night!

I would really recommend them to anyone if you are looking for the best of the best in terms of extensions – these are amazing!

Have you tried Great Lengths or are considering it? Let me know!


9 thoughts on “Great Lengths Hair Extensions: First Impression!

  1. Where did you get them done? They look fab! I’ve had them before and loved them! I’d recommend sleeping with a hair net on (as glamorous as they are lol) as that will prevent tugging/pulling on them whilst you sleep, and it prevents them knotting. It’ll also make them last longer. The tight feeling usually goes after 3 or 4 days xx

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