Easy, Beachy Summer Hair!

Hey everyone! I thought I would create this quick post on a laid back, effortless hairstyle that i’ve been loving recently! It reminds me of summer and being on the beach – combining loose waves and a relaxed braid creates a fun summery look!


To begin with, I curled my hair in sections using the Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl, which makes it super easy to curl your hair! All you do is place small sections of hair into the curler and the mechanism winds the hair in, curling it really quickly and beeping to let you know to release the curler. Once I’d done this, I lightly brushed through my hair with a comb to destroy the curls as I didn’t want them to look set at all – I think they look much nicer when they are more relaxed.


Finally, I sectioned the front of my fringe and created a small plait, taking it some extra pieces of hair rach time I crossed the plait over. To finish, I pinned the plait into place behind my ear and bought some of the curls forward to cover where I had pinned.

That’s the final look! Really easy and I think it looks so fun and cute. It can be dressed up or down depending on what makeup and outfit you choose – you can even make it neater for a more formal occasion and not destroy the curls if you wish, or use some dry shampoo for added volume! My favourite is Batiste.

I hope you enjoyed reading!


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