Essie Products and Tips for Healthy and Happy Nails!

Hi guys! Now, recently I have been neglecting my nails a little bit and never seem to have time to paint them or spend time on them. So, I decided to buy a couple of products to help grow my nails again and also to keep them looking pretty in the spring and summer!


Boots currently have a 3 for 2 offer on beauty products, so I had to take advantage of this(of course)! The products I bought included an Essie duo set called prep ‘n’ protect. The set includes the base coat ‘grow stronger’, which contains vitamin E and mineral strengtheners, as well as the top coat ‘good to go’. I have only tried the base coat out once so far, so can’t really say whether it’s working yet, but the top coat is brilliant! It is quick dry and adds an amazing shine to the nails.

I also bought two nail polishes, ‘resort fling’ which is a beautiful summery coral, and ‘not just a pretty face’ which is an amazing nude. I’m currently wearing ‘resort fling’, heres what it looks like below:


I will be sure to let you guys know if the base coat helps my nails to grow! Of course, products will help, but the way you treat your nails and your diet can affect nails too. Here’s a quick list of tips below on maintaining healthy and happy nails:

  1. Gently push back cuticles if they need it, don’t cut them – this can cause infection as the cuticles are a natural bacteria barrier for the nails
  2. File nails in one direction – filing nails back and forth can cause the nails to become brittle and weak
  3. Eat a well-balanced diet, including plenty of protein
  4. Keep your hands and nails moisturised – try Crabtree & Evelyn hand creams, they smell amazing and are so moisturising!
  5. Don’t peel off old nail polish – this can damage the nails!

Hope these tips help, I will be following them as much as I can from now on to start growing my nails again! If you have any other tips, let me know!


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