My Favourite Mac Lipsticks and Swatches!

Hi everyone! Today I’ll be talking about my all-time favourite lipsticks from Mac. Lipsticks were the first makeup item I bought from Mac and I have always loved them. I have six favourites, so let’s get started!


My favourites aren’t in any particular order. The first two are Pure Zen and Viva Glam II, both nude toned lipsticks:


Pure Zen is a lighter, peachy nude with a cremesheen finish and Viva Glam II is a darker, brown nude with a satin finish. Below, Viva Glam is on the left and Pure Zen on the right:


Next up are Pink Pearl Pop and Blossom Culture:


Pink Pearl Pop is a vibrant blue-toned pink, with a cremesheen finish. This one can be applied quite subtly or more built up for a stronger colour payoff. Blossom Culture is more of a coral pink and has a sheen supreme finish, which again can be built up for the desired effect. Below, Pink Pearl Pop is swatched on the left and Blossom Culture on the right:


Unforunately the last two are limited edition so can no longer be bought, but I decided to include them anyway in case some of you own them and had forgotten about them! They are from the Betty collection and are the shades Betty Bright and Girl Next Door:image

Betty Bright is a strong coral shade with a satin finish and Girl Next Door is a subtle, sheer baby pink shade with a lustre finish. Below, Girl Next Door is swatched on the left and Betty Bright on the right:


So, those are my favourites! After sorting through my collection to choose these, I’m really keen to try more pink toned nudes, such as Blankety, so will possibly be making a trip to my local Mac store soon!

What are your favourite Mac lipsticks?


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