The Bedtime Tag!

I was tagged by the lovely Fleur (beautyminatii) for the bedtime tag, so here it is!

What are your favourite pajamas?

I love wearing my fluffy bear onesie when it’s cold!

Current bedtime reading?

I’m currently reading Allegiant by Veronica Roth, which is the third book in the Divergent trilogy. I’ve really been enjoying the series and don’t want it to end, although I’m yet to see the Divergent film!

What is on your bedside table?

My lamp, two candles and some peach roses (my favourite flowers!)

Favourite sleepy scent?

I don’t really have a particular scent! I often buy different Yankee candles to burn and have a variety. My favourite is Pink Sands, but I am currently burning their Juicy Melon scent which is a little different for me. Normally I enjoy clean, fresh scents.

What time is your usual bedtime and wake up time?

I don’t sleep that well, so often fall asleep around midnight and wake up a lot in the night. The time I get up in the morning depends on what I’m doing that day, but I have a lot of morning lectures at university so often have to get up at 6:45!

Top 3 bedtime products?

I couldn’t go to bed without removing my makeup using Simple wipes and moisturising using the Clinique Moisture Surge! I don’t use too many other products, but if I have a bath before bed I will sometimes use Radox bubble bath.

Your most common sleeping position?

On my side.

Any strange bedtime routines?

I don’t really have any strange bedtime routines, but i sometimes get the urge to clean my room in the middle of the night!

Are you big spoon or little spoon?

Little spoon!

I tag anyone who wishes to take part!


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