High Street/Drugstore Purchases and First Impressions! (Including new Maybelline Dream Flawless Nude foundation!)

Hi everyone! Recently I made a couple of purchases at Boots. I have been looking for a BB cream as the weather is starting to pick up and I feel like summer is on it’s way (saying that, it did rain today, but never mind!) I have tried and enjoyed Garnier BB creams before but all of mine are dark for when I am tanned, so I decided to purchase a light one and also try the BB cream + Blur instead of just a normal BB cream. The Blur edition contains a primer to help smooth pores and imperfections and I’m really liking it so far. It gives a little coverage and does definitely “blur” any imperfections slightly. One thing I would say is that although I have the “light” shade, it isn’t really that light! The only other option I could see was “medium”, so the colour range is pretty limited. Other than that, it blends really well and looks great on the skin.


My next purchase was the new dream flawless foundation by Maybelline. I got the lightest shade Ivory, which again isn’t that light by goes well with my skin tone. The dropper reminds me of the YSL Fusion Ink foundation (I really like Fusion Ink, but I only have a dark shade for when I am tanned). The foundation itself also really reminds me of the YSL foundation, it is extremely light and I really couldn’t feel it on my skin at all! It doesn’t blend quite as well as the YSL foundation but there is a huge price difference and the Maybelline is just as good – definitely a dupe! One thing I did notice was that the foundation clung slightly to dry areas of the skin, such as my nose, and didn’t cover as well. For those areas I had to apply a little concealer for added coverage, but overall it is a very good foundation and I’m really pleased!

Lastly, I purchased a new Batiste dry shampoo in the tropical scent. This is a repurchase and I am sure most of you will know that Batiste make excellent dry shampoo! I am currently trying to train my hair so I don’t have to wash it every day, as I know how bad this is for the hair. So currently, dry shampoo is my saviour! The tropical scent is amazing, too.


4 thoughts on “High Street/Drugstore Purchases and First Impressions! (Including new Maybelline Dream Flawless Nude foundation!)

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