Makeup Revolution Redemption Palette Review! (Iconic 3)

Hi everyone! I recently purchased the Redemption Palette by Makeup Revolution in Iconic 3 to try out. These palettes are a well-known dupe for the pricey Urban Decay Naked 3 palette, and at just £4 I had nothing to lose.

I do have the Urban Decay Naked 1 & 2 palette and love the colours, but buying all three seemed ridiculous to me, as I don’t use them often enough to justify paying £38 for another palette to complete my collection. The Naked 3 looks beautiful and has a rose gold theme, but the colours in the Iconic 3 really do look similar in the palette so I decided it wouldn’t hurt to give it a go.


I am very impressed! I have been trying this palette for over a week now, experimenting with different shadows for day and nighttime looks. The colours are an excellent match, they are really pigmented and last for ages. At £4 this really is a bargain and I’m so glad I discovered it! I have even been using the brush provided to apply the palest shade all over the lid, even though in general these brushes aren’t very useful. Below are some of my favourite shades in the palette:


The different colours in the palette can be combined variously to create beautiful looks and there are endless possibilities. If you are considering purchasing one of the Naked palettes but don’t want to splash out, definitely try one of these instead. The Iconic 3 has become a part of my makeup routine for most of my current day and evening looks and I know you won’t be disappointed!


8 thoughts on “Makeup Revolution Redemption Palette Review! (Iconic 3)

    • I’m the same, I feel like having all three is excessive! I just did a quick check and the makeup revolution store charge around £8 for standard shipping to the US and around £12 for tracked shipping – could be an option but that is pretty pricey for a £4 palette! If you tracked the shipping you’d be paying around $24! X

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