Clinique by Invitation

Hi everyone!

I love Clinique skincare and wanted to show you guys a great offer they are currently doing with Selfridges, called “Clinique by Invitation”. You can download the app from iTunes, which allows you to track your purchases and gain rewards. Every time you make a purchase with Clinique, you gain a stamp, which leads to rewards. Rewards are at 3, 5 and 7 stamps.

Today I gained my third stamp by purchasing the Clinique moisture surge moisturiser. The third stamp gains you your first reward, which is a 125ml bottle of makeup remover and a full size high impact mascara. The mascara is worth £17.50 and the makeup remover £17, so you get some great new products to try out!


The next reward, at five stamps, and gains you a serum of your choice. There are five serums to choose from (including a serum for men) which all have different purposes, for example refining pores and correcting dark spots.

The final reward, at 7 stamps, is a luxury hamper delivered to your home, which contains various products from Clinique and The White Company, including cashmere socks, a bathrobe, exfoliating scrub and body cream.

This is a great idea by Clinique and Selfridges; I love collecting the stamps and was over the moon with my reward today! I definitely haven’t spent any more money than normal which is great, there is no price limit to get the rewards so I managed to get the stamps simply by repurchasing my favourite moisturiser and exfoliator. The only condition is that they must be purchased from Selfridges, so if you are a Clinique lover then download the app and you can start collecting straight away!


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