The Body Shop Facial Brush & Vitamin E Cleanser First Impressions!

Hi everyone! Today I will be giving a first impression of the body shop facial brush and one of their cleansers, the Vitamin E Cream Cleanser. I found the facial brush purely by mistake when browsing The Body Shop website and the brush reminded me of a Clarisonic brush by the way it looked. I don’t personally own a Clarisonic or any electrical face brushes, but I am sure many of you will know that they are pretty pricey. This handheld one by The Body Shop was only £4 and although I would not expect the same result as buying a Clarisonic for £99, I felt as though it was too much of a bargain to pass by as the brush looks quite similar to me, despite The Body Shop brush being a lot smaller and obviously not electronic!image

Once I decided to purchase the brush, I realised I do not currently have a facial cleanser that I love and use consistently. Again, I browsed The Body Shop website and discovered that their Vitamin E Cream Cleanser had amazing reviews, so decided to give it a try. Many reviewers also said that they used both the brush and cleanser together and loved the results. The cleanser cost £8.50, so for both I only paid £12.50! Below is a closer look at the brush once it is taken out of it’s holder. I love the fact that the holder allows you to hygienically stand the brush in your bathroom or bedroom!


To use, firstly I removed most of my makeup with a Simple cleansing wipe, as I didn’t want to clog my pores by pushing too much makeup into them. I tied my hair up and dotted the cleanser onto my face, avoiding the eye area. Then, I rinsed the brush in warm water before scrubbing it lightly over my face in circular motions, applying just a small amount of pressure. I made sure to thoroughly wash the brush after use and placed it back in it’s holder, before following up with my Clinique Moisture Surge moisturiser.

I struggle with dry skin around my nose and forehead, but after using this cleanser and brush it really seems to have smoothed and softened my skin! I would definitely recommend moisturising afterwards as you normally would after cleansing, just for adding that extra moisture into the skin. Although I do not own an electrical cleanser to compare it with, I’m impressed by the Body Shop facial brush, particularly for £4! I will definitely be adding this step to my skincare routine as my skin feels softer and refreshed! The Body Shop also sell muslin cloths and various other cleansing tools, for those of you who do not wish to use a facial brush!

I really hope you enjoyed this first impressions post, let me know of any skincare products that you love!


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