Benefit balms and stains review!

Hi guys! For Christmas I received some of the Benefit lipbalms and lip and cheek stains, so have decided to give you a quick review of them all. I got two balms, benebalm (red) and lollibalm (deep pink), and three tints, benetint (red), lollitint (deep pink) and poisetint (lighter pink). The benetint and benebalm match, as do the lollitint and lollibalm. You can also buy a posiebalm to match posietint!


The balms are very sheer and are a lovely formula – they hydrate the lips as well as giving a wash of colour, which can be built up. Below are the swatches of them, with benebalm on the left and lollibalm on the right. As you can see from the swatches they are a little difficult to pick up on camera as they are very sheer, but can definitely be seen on the lips.


Next up, the tints! Surprisingly, benetint has an entirely different formula to the other two tints and is a lot more watery as you can see from the swatches below, ย but a little goes a long way and it can easily be blended across the cheeks if you work quickly. Benetint is on the left, lollitint in the middle and posietint on the right. Benetint sinks into the skin very fast (as you can see below, this was after a few seconds of applying!) and also seems to smudge out a lot more on it’s own compared to the other two. Again, the swatches are difficult to pick up on camera as they are very subtle and give a slight wash of colour, although definitely moreso than the balms.


Out of the balm and stains that I own from the collection, lollitint is by far my favourite. It is a kind of deep fuschia shade, but isn’t overly pigmented and looks pretty and natural on the lips and cheeks.

Do you own any balms or cheek stains by Benefit? Let me know what you think of them below!


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