New Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection!

Hi everyone! When I discovered that Sam and Nic from Real Techniques were introducing a new, luxe line to their collection, I knew I had to get my hands on them! The Bold Metals collection features six brushes ranging from £10 to £25, all with varying purposes.

Out of the six brushes available two really caught my eye – the arched powder brush and the flat contour brush. I already own a powder brush from the original Real Techniques’ line, which has lasted me a really long time and I have used it pretty much every time I have worn makeup! It has gotten a little worn with so much use, so I treated myself to the Bold Metals version for £25. As for the contour brush, I do not own anything like this brush and it reminded me of the NARS Ita brush, which is a lot more pricey and very hard to get hold of in the UK! The flat contour brush costs £22.


The bristles on all the brushes are synthetic and feel wonderful on the skin. I love that the powder brush is large yet light and disperses product over the skin evenly (as you can tell from the photos I have already used it a couple of times – just couldn’t wait!) I haven’t tried the contour brush yet, but I love the fact that it is small yet dense and looks perfect for contouring. I have a small face and sometimes find contouring difficult because of this as I don’t want to overdo it, but this brush looks like the perfect solution for me.


Sam and Nic said on their YouTube channel that these brushes are aimed at a more “professional” audience and although I am not a professional, I love working on my makeup skills and feel that these brushes will enable me to do so, particularly the contouring brush which is very new to me! As for the appearance of the brushes, well, they are beautiful! I love gold and rose gold and they add a really luxurious feel. Overall, I’m very pleased with my purchases and i’m so happy that Real Techniques have created these lovely brushes!


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