Charlotte Tilbury Mini Lipstick Charms!

Merry Christmas everyone! Christmas is almost over in England and I have had a wonderful day, I hope you are all enjoying Christmas too! My family of course know how much I love makeup and I was lucky to get some lovely makeup gifts this year, so expect lots of reviews and swatches over the next weeks! I decided to start with the Charlotte Tilbury lipstick charms that I received, as they are very Christmassy and so beautiful!


There are three “charms” in the set, which are tiny lipsticks with ribbons tied to them. They could be hung on the tree or simply given as a gift and they are stunning. I love that all three can easily fit in the palm of my hand – they are perfect to slip into a handbag or clutch for top-ups!


There are three shades in the set: (L-R above and below): Bitch Perfect, a peachy nude, So Marilyn, a classic red and Penelope Pink, a dusky pink nude. All three are beautifully creamy lipsticks in stunning colours. My favourite has to be Bitch Perfect, which I wore for Christmas day! I will definitely be getting a lot of use out of these and they are so adorable!



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