Pretty, festive nails

Hi everyone! When I got Ciaté’s Christmas advent calendar this year, I knew I would create some really pretty looks with the nail varnishes inside. I am not amazing at painting nails, but I love creating different looks and experimenting. Today I created this pretty, soft nude nail with gold sequins:


My favourite nail product at the moment has to be Sally Hansen’s Maximum Growth treatment. I really struggle with growing my nails as they are quite weak, but this treatment has worked wonders for them and has made nail painting so much more fun! I am already so much happier with my nails after using the product for 2 weeks and I will continue to do so. So, once I have filed my nails and pushed my cuticles back, I apply this treatment. It can be worn with or without polish over the top.


Once I have taken these steps, I applied two coats of “Amazing Gracie” by Ciáte (it is quite a thin polish so can be worn sheerly or built up). Once these coats had dried, I applied another layer of the Sally Hansen’s Maximum Growth treatment, so that I could stick the sequins down without smudging the nail polish underneath.


The sequins I used were in the pot “Dallas Dolly” by Ciaté. “Dallas Dolly” actually features gold, red and iridescent sequins, which are all beautiful, but I wanted a soft, pretty look so only opted for the gold. I poured the sequins into a small tray and used my cuticle pusher to pick up gold sequins and press them lightly onto my nails. This is not a fast process and definitely takes patience, but the results are beautiful. To finish the look I added one more layer of Maximum Growth, which seals the sequins in as well as adding shine – seriously, this product is a miracle!

Let me know what nails you’ve been rocking in the festive season!


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