The Perfect Winter Boot…

Hello everyone! Hope you’re all well. I have a confession to make.. I bought another pair of shoes (clearly I’m addicted)! I have a pair of tan Uggs already and find them so easy to wear, so decided to purchase a pair of their “Mini Bailey Bow” style in the colour Locomotive Grey. They are a beautiful lilac-grey colour with a bow on the back:image

They are so lovely, the colour of them is beautiful and the bows are just so cute! I also find Ugg boots last a long time, which is great because they are a little pricey. One thing I would say is that my other Ugg boots (which are a plain mini pair in tan) have a tab on the back so they are very easy to pull on. These don’t have them so they aren’t as easy to get on, but I suppose the tab wouldn’t work with the bow. Overall I am incredibly pleased with them and they look lovely, especially with jeans.


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