My favourite skincare brand…

Hi everyone!! I recently made some purchases from Clinique and decided to make a blog post on them, as they are my favourite skincare brand! I purchased two items, their moisture surge moisturiser, £34, and their 7-day scrub, £19 (not featured in this picture, but it is a large version of the sample size below):



I bought the exfoliator as my skin is fairly dry recently around my nose, probably due to the cold British weather, and the moisturiser is a repurchase as it is lovely! For purchasing two items, I was given three free gifts: a small version of the 7-day scrub I purchased, a small primer and a rose-tinted chubby stick, swatched below:



I’m really pleased with the items I purchased as well as the free gifts! The mini exfoliator is  useful even though I already purchased the large version, as it means I will not need to repurchase for a while if I love it (which so far, I do)! The primer is also really nice and seems to work really well under my foundation. The chubby stick is a little dark for me, but when I dab it on lightly it looks very pretty and subtle, so I’m still really enjoying it!

Let me know which Clinique items you love for when I next pay a visit, I’d love to try some new skincare products!


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