Kelly Osbourne Collection for MAC Review!

Hello everyone! Recently, MAC collaborated with Kelly and Sharon Osbourne and they each created their own collections, which included eyeshadows, lipsticks, makeup tools and more. As always with MAC collaborations, the collections sold out incredibly quickly and won’t be back in stock as they are limited edition! Unfortunately, the only item I could get my hands on once I realised how quickly the products were selling was Kelly’s eyeshadow palette, named “Bloody Brilliant” (a very Osbourne-esque name choice!) The palette contains four shadows: “Spoonful of Sugar”, which is a veluxe pearl formula, “Tickety Boo” and “Fizzy Rose”, which are both a satin formula, and “Shadowy Lady”, which is matte. I love the colour of the packaging which is a soft lilac and features a clear lid, so you can see the shades inside without having to open the palette.

photo 1

Now for the fun part: the eyeshadows! There are four shadows in the palette: “Spoonful of Sugar”, a beautifully subtle, shimmery silver; “Tickety Boo”, a taupe colour which would look perfect blended into the crease; “Fizzy Rose”, a pretty, pale pink; and “Shadowy Lady”, a bold, deep plum which would look amazing lining the eyes or incorporated into a statement smokey eye.

photo 2

So far, I have tried all of the shades in the palette excluding “Shadowy Lady”. The other three came together to create a lovely daytime look, which I would definitely recreate. I was really pleased with how the colours seem to work so well together: firstly, I swept “Spoonful of Sugar” over the lid, before blending “Fizzy Rose” from the outer half of the eyelid and lastly adding “Tickety Boo” in the crease for definition. I topped the look off with Eyeko’s skinny liquid liner (currently free with Glamour magazine!) and Dior Addict It-Lash mascara, which creates long, voluminous lashes.

photo 3

From L-R: Spoonful of Sugar, Tickety Boo, Fizzy Rose and Shadowy Lady

Overall I’m really pleased with the palette and love that you can create both bold and subtle looks with the shades. I also feel that the inclusion of a pink shade is a great way to gain confidence in using various colours in your makeup routine, as using pink eyeshadow can seem very daunting! “Fizzy Rose” allows you to experiment subtly and ease your way in to using eyeshadows that aren’t just neutral colours, which can be a difficult habit to break! Another eye product that allows you to do this are the By Terry eyeshadow sticks, which come in a variety of subtle, shimmery colours that can be built up. I currently own Misty Rock, which allowed me to subtly introduce purple into my makeup routine, but would love to try their green and blue shades too. Give them a try!


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